Executive board

President: Dr Hermann Locher (MWE)
- Scientific Director of AITODOMM
- Scientific Director of DGMM-MWE Ärzteseminar
- Charter Member of IGOST
- Specialized in Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Chirotherapy, and Pain Therapy
- Instructor of Manual Medicine in Germany, Austria, and Italy

Vice President: Dr Bernard Terrier (SAMM)
- Instructor and Chairman of diverse instructional courses of SAMM
- Director of the FIMM Health Policy Board
- Specialized in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Rheumatology, and Manual Medicine

Treasurer: Dr Michaela Habring (ÖAMM)
- Secretary of DGMM-MWE Ärzteseminar
- Specialized in Physiatrics, Manual Medicine, and Acupuncture
- Instructor of Manual Medicine in Austria, Germany, and Italy

IT Officer: Dr Federico Di Segni (AITODOMM)
- Treasurer of AITODOMM
- Medical Executive of Hospital of Tivoli (Rome)
- Specialized in Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Manual Medicine, and Legal Medicine

Secretary: Dr Marieta Karadjova (BSMMVD)
- President of Bulgarian Society of Manual Medicine of Vertebrogenic Diseases
- Assistant professor in Neurology at “Alexandrovska” University Hospital in Sofia
- Specialized in neuropathic and back pain, spinal manipulations

Second Secretary and Liaison Officer: Dr Karen Goss (DSMM)
- Specialist in family medicine (GP)
- Diploma in Manual Medicine from DSMM
- Teacher and curriculum officer for DSMM
- Part of the Education board and Advisory board of FIMM

Advisory board

Dr Lothar Beyer (ÄMM)
Dr Henk Bultman (NVAMG) 
Dr Ruth Kamping (ÄMKA)
Dr Alexander Lechner (ÖÄGMM)
Dr Stephan Martin (ÄMKA)
Dr Maria Victoria Sotos Borras (SEMOOYM)
Dr Stephan Vinzelberg (ÄMM)